This lightbox will be an absolute joy to use.  It has 3 different light settings and for my initial intended use was only to capture some flora.  In due course I want to find translucent foliage and create some art from this.
It takes your photography into another dimension.  Of course multiple exposures are required with editing in Photoshop bot bring out the beauty of nature.

Here is a lengthy tutorial/speaker on how to achieve this floral photo composities by Harold Davis.
Of course, I like to take my work a little further. Creating an ‘fotoart’ image. So below you will see that I converted to monochrome then adding several texture layers, which are photographs of some of my artwork and textures that I create.

For eg:  Here I had photographed about 7 different exposures. The first one was a pure black silhouette and gradually working towards the front of the dead flower heads to bring out the colour and textures.

See what you think.

Using 2d LED Lightbox


Then of course you just have to take time out and dabble with paints, inks, gesso, drips, inks, pencils, charcoals.  It is so good for the soul.

I really do like the effect of charcoal on some of the photographs. Monochrome of course aids in the overall effect.
From simple pretty non-descript images there is always an art piece beckoning. Both of these would look fabulous printed in large on a canvas.

the might of an old treeThe Giant Old Tree
Captured at the Cairns Botanic Garden near the Bamboo Gardens.

refus in charcoalReyfuss Palms in Charcoal
Captured at the Limberlost Nursery in Cairns.

Definitely still on ‘L’ Plates but must confess that this could become addictive.  It is a creative aid that stimulates and makes you think.
As I am a confessed e-course Art junkie these are a couple of artworks created purely on the ipad.
Alright meet Arthur.  He may not be the most handsome, but sure has the most gorgeous drippingly beautiful blue eyes.  Come on…you have to agree on that one.
He emerged from an exercise from the amazing talented, thinking outside the box, artist Deb Weiers .  My exercise was to be an actual painting, but due to being incapacitated, the ipad served extremely well.  I used Procreate for this piece entirely.

OK…meet Arthur!1

And just to show you that there can a pretty side to some of my little art pieces.  Meet ‘My Girl’. She was inspired by another brilliant artist Juna Biagioni and was a set excerise to do.  This too was supposed to be a painting not an ipad exercise.


Sometimes I like to create images with a positive and negative appeal.

Here are just some simple small tree trunks that were silhouetted in an early morning glow.  With simple blend modes, extending the canvas and flipping and mirroring the image this is what eventuated.
It is a joy to create something from an otherwise pretty mundane image that would have landed in the trash bin.

Creative_577_wetland trees silhouettes

I took a very early morning walk when visiting my old village.  Took a small detour to check in one of our long standing friends.  She was not awake as yet, or was out walking herself.  She liked doing that, being part of nature and isolation.
As I approached the house and saw the demise of a once beautiful red cedar cottage, that her husband built for them , it broke my heart.   I realised that she was not coping really and has never ceased to grieve over the loss of her husband.  That was well over 20 years ago.
I returned later in the day to make sure she was ok.  Her appearance, her house, the garden, all reflected her mental state.  But with a great network of old caring friends, the odd  hospital stay, somehow she plods on.
The chair, the leaves, the old twigs on a gorgeous old chair had caught my eye.  The verandah in obvious dire need of some attention just beckoned to be photographed in that wonderful morning light.  Here is my interpretation of how I felt at that very moment.

Deep in earth my love is lying.
And I must weep alone.  
… Edgar Allan Poe


my love has gone ingrid douglas

Doesn’t time fly? Here I am spending far too much time sharing my art, my vision with so many people. Suddenly here I am and realise how my space here has been neglected severely. This is my special place where I like to share some thoughts, ideals, visions, art and photography. It was my intention to create several books in 2015, including a lot of my photography, my creative editing and some light poetry.  Ah…back on the bucket list!
This brings me to this point.
What do we do with all our images on our many hard drives?  The many back up drives?  The back up on DVDs?
In the future years, who will ever see our photographs?  Memories of our family, our daily life and special events?
It is up to us now to think seriously whether you want to print out these special memorable photos, or create coffee table books, so you can pass these on to your children.
Otherwise I fear we will all disappear into oblivion.

passage of time

When you see a field of dandelions, do you see a field of weeds, or a field of wishes?
I choose to see the wishes and spreading kindness, peace and harmony high on a seed of a dandelion.

This image I created from multiple photographs I captured sometime ago, then with a few other elements and some brush work this creative photo art piece was born.

And let the sunshine shine through the darkest moments – that is also my wish.


H e l l o
T h o u g h t s