When to stop!

It was such joy to paint, be loose and free. This particular painting was coming along nicely.
After a bit, I walked away. Only to return and thought…oh I must fix up that right top corner. Yes, you guessed it. Sheer disaster! The looseness, the spontaneity of the painting was gone…for good. Darn, will I ever learn?

butterflies and fish

Then with sheer frustration I grabbed old credit cards, blotched paint here and there. Continued this way, splat here, splat there, dragging the card across the canvass. Then this painting came back gradually in a possible saved piece of artwork. I was in haste, this was to be completed to go into a Regional Art Gallery exhibition. Phew…I made it.

woven fish

Definitely was not the look I was after, but had to do.  Now to the upside of this story…this painting took out an acquisitive award and gave me a lovely sum of $2K.  Of course I was smiling, but secretly, I still love my very first painting and so thankful that I even had the notion to photograph the work in progress.

  • Yvonne - September 20, 2015 - 3:57 PM

    Yes Ingrid, I agree the original image was looser and softer but in the end you had a great outcome so who’s say which was the better?ReplyCancel

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