Another Year Gone.

Doesn’t time fly? Here I am spending far too much time sharing my art, my vision with so many people. Suddenly here I am and realise how my space here has been neglected severely. This is my special place where I like to share some thoughts, ideals, visions, art and photography. It was my intention to create several books in 2015, including a lot of my photography, my creative editing and some light poetry.  Ah…back on the bucket list!
This brings me to this point.
What do we do with all our images on our many hard drives?  The many back up drives?  The back up on DVDs?
In the future years, who will ever see our photographs?  Memories of our family, our daily life and special events?
It is up to us now to think seriously whether you want to print out these special memorable photos, or create coffee table books, so you can pass these on to your children.
Otherwise I fear we will all disappear into oblivion.

passage of time

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