Using a 2 LED Light Box Stencil Drawing Tracing Lightbox.

This lightbox will be an absolute joy to use.  It has 3 different light settings and for my initial intended use was only to capture some flora.  In due course I want to find translucent foliage and create some art from this.
It takes your photography into another dimension.  Of course multiple exposures are required with editing in Photoshop bot bring out the beauty of nature.

Here is a lengthy tutorial/speaker on how to achieve this floral photo composities by Harold Davis.
Of course, I like to take my work a little further. Creating an ‘fotoart’ image. So below you will see that I converted to monochrome then adding several texture layers, which are photographs of some of my artwork and textures that I create.

For eg:  Here I had photographed about 7 different exposures. The first one was a pure black silhouette and gradually working towards the front of the dead flower heads to bring out the colour and textures.

See what you think.

Using 2d LED Lightbox


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