Fun with an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil

Definitely still on ‘L’ Plates but must confess that this could become addictive.  It is a creative aid that stimulates and makes you think.
As I am a confessed e-course Art junkie these are a couple of artworks created purely on the ipad.
Alright meet Arthur.  He may not be the most handsome, but sure has the most gorgeous drippingly beautiful blue eyes.  Come on…you have to agree on that one.
He emerged from an exercise from the amazing talented, thinking outside the box, artist Deb Weiers .  My exercise was to be an actual painting, but due to being incapacitated, the ipad served extremely well.  I used Procreate for this piece entirely.

OK…meet Arthur!1

And just to show you that there can a pretty side to some of my little art pieces.  Meet ‘My Girl’. She was inspired by another brilliant artist Juna Biagioni and was a set excerise to do.  This too was supposed to be a painting not an ipad exercise.


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