Beyond Layers – Day 1 – My Creative Story Part 1

“Beyond Layers week 1 of 52”
This is what the challenge was for this week. What is your creative story? I definitely need to find my voice to share this story. So I will take my time, for I have been thinking every other moment about my past, the present and aspirations for the future. Maybe for the moment, this little interview on the ABC will be an introduction, whilst I will try to muddle through the answers in my brain. Back shortly….

OK…back again.

Creative thoughts and Images – Welcome to my World.

Coming from a family with a history in photography during my earlier years in Germany, I had no inclination towards photography leaning more to wanting to draw and paint. It always gave me joy as a child. Children in the post war years in Europe did it tough, so the little pleasure of scratching images on your slate was so much fun.
After immigrating to Australia a whole new world opened up for me. Besides the frustration of learning this new ‘English’ language. How crazy a language – so many different meanings for so many same sounding words. Now I ask you?

My High School years were ok. Excelling in my own world of studying, athletics and the art world. I did not make friends easily then. Those were hard lonely years.
From there I went to study Nursing. It was considered a very noble profession for young ladies in those days. You either became a nurse or a teacher, unless you went to University. After a lengthy time in the medical field (I think it is 48 years – yikes it is!) and still working as a casual midwife now, my life feels quite complete.

Married to a wonderful husband and having raised the family it must be time for ‘me’ now. Though all our wonderful grand children keep us on the run.

So for a few years now I have painted, but only when the mood dictates. Of course, never pleased with my own work, but it does give you pleasure to absorb yourself into the world of colours, texture and private thoughts, listening to your favourite music. The tempo of the music taking you into a very private space in your mind and soul. Other times, using  paint brushes in an artistic frenzy and completing huge paintings within days.
Other hobbies which have been good for the soul were Bear making, free machine embroidery, patch working (of course), sewing for the family, knitting and some tapestry work.
Now I just enjoy the pleasures of the outdoor and nature. Particularly love living in the tropics and the lush foliage and what mother nature provides us with. Though the heat and humidity does push me to the limits at times.

When Digital Photography was introduced, of course this caught my attention and I focused with new founded vigour to pursue studying the Art of Photography.
My first camera was a Canon EOS 300D, then progressing gradually to other models. Once a Canon 5D Mark II landed in my hands, with some excellent L lenses ….. that was it!
Now I am consumed with a total passion for photography. It is with great hope and total dedication, that this personal growth in photography is a fulfilling and a superb journey for me.

My constant desire is that this creative journey will take me to fulfilment and enrichment like never been before. I must admit that my endeavours must give me pleasure foremost. My subject matter is vast and varied…. from macro to still life photography, ‘Scapes to Street/Candid photography to Portrait studies. The play and use of natural light is of essence to me and I am constantly seeking out those magical times of light and shade, which often make me feel like a thief, capturing these moments in time. My vision these days has changed, everywhere I go these days I see something magical and appreciate what surrounds me.

Combining my Art with Photography is my dream, specialising in conceptual portraiture, Street photography and of course capturing those once in a lifetime moody images, that make you feel alive.

The desire to capture images which are emotional, nostalgic moments frozen in time is constant. Hopefully the mood and stories I try to portray will be interpreted as intended.

My passion for macro photography and flora studies will continue to be nurtured, as I continue on my personal journey of discovery and growth. There are moments when I need to break free and have my colour fix. What better place to be than Tropical North Queensland? As they say ‘Beautiful one day and perfect the next.’

I can wish nothing more than to have my love and soul shine through my work, which I hope you enjoy.  And remember…..

“Life should not be measured by the number of breaths we take….
…………………….But by the moments that take our breath away.”

  • Jerri Johnson - January 21, 2012 - 4:45 AM

    Hi, Ingrid!
    I was thrilled to see your name of the list of participants in “Beyond Layers” with Kim. I have always loved your photographs, but I am rarely on FLICKR anymore. How nice that I get to see your work here. I sincerely enjoyed your beautiful video…you speak so beautifully. You’ve lived such an interesting life and you’re immensely talented. I look forward to this year of experimentation and learning.
    Bye for now,
    Jerri JohnsonReplyCancel

  • Sim - January 21, 2012 - 11:51 AM

    madly waving hello Ingrid :) (insert big happy grin ) So nice to read your story and get to know you even that bit more, I look forward to our year ahead in Beyond,
    I’m still moving to QLD should be on Gold Coast by beguinning of March yay looking forward to it.

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